Wolf Creek Wife by Penny Richards

Wolf Creek Wife by Penny Richards

This book is a Love-Inspired-Historical; a Christian fiction romance. A nice light-hearted read for passing time. Bring this along on a short or long trip and take your time reading.

The book has a good progression. Not to slow and not to fast. The characters have a good background and the book leaves you wondering about the personalities of those who have lived before. It moves the heart with the twist and turns in the plot and it gives you an eerie feel as to assume you were there with them. To summarize, two characters fall in love, but it has to be. However unorthodox was there meeting. Forced into a marriage where the two tried there best to stray from the other only to be together in the long run. Only to find they actual have more in common. Main female character, Blythe Granville’s, life couldn’t get any worse and yet it did. Main male character, Will Slade, couldn’t have put himself in a more obtuse situation the his first marriage… yet here he is with Blythe Granville trying to weather the storm of society gossip and his ex-wife returning. Blythe had more than enough on her plate while tragedy after tragedy seem to raining one after the other but… BUT! They manage and the story ends beautifully. I believe it should however have another follow up read.

5/5 stars.

B’Sweet-Stay Reading,

Annie ♥


SHD~What’s In Creation?

Hey Everyone!

So I’ve been working on producing my own inserts for Sweet HoneyComb Designs. The first post for inserts will be a budget sheet. I placed honey in this budget sheet. I think she just looks too adorable. There will be sold: Disposable and Re-useable.

The Re-useable will be laminated and be tabbed as a divider. With a re-useable budget
sheet you can use marker and wipe off with windex or an alcohol based white-board spray and re-use it for another month. The disposable one will be plain paper. Or for storage purposes too.

The back will have regular note paper for jotting notes and doodling.

These will probably come out sometime in March. I’m excited for this. I plan on putting Beeya in her own as well, so there will be options to choose from. Not to mention, I was planning on adding another character to SHD. I wonder what he or she will look like?!


B’Sweet~Stay Sweet,



Sweet Honeycomb Designs!

Good News,

Sweet Kirithra at has been relocated to and named Sweet Honeycomb Design! I am happy to give the news after much contemplation and brainstorming of how I wanted my store to look like and without further ado I bring you an amazing new layout customized for the creative heart.

SHD.STORENVY.COM is now open for business. Hop on over and start perusing the cute stickers. And just maybe you caught this post so that means you will hear of the amazing discount going on over there too. Now, it’s not a free for all. The first 10 customers get 15% off when they spend a minimum of $10.00; all you have to do is put in the discount code below when you checkout and your discount is applied. Shipping is by priority mail at 5.95.


This is for my fellow Insta-Planner-Nerds! So, blog peeps are lucky. And maybe you came over from the Facebook, lucky for you.


B’Sweet~Stay Sweet

Annie ♥


October Weekly Kit

Good Day Everyone.

Today I am reporting good news. I was finally able to get the photos and finalizing of my shops October Weekly Kit up and selling. I’m pretty excited. I had my first sale for O’Kit B:’Journal’ Yesterday. Yay!

There are two Kits up for sale. O’Kit A: “Little Things” and O’Kit B: “Journal”. I am really excited about the kit’s and will probably continue to do them monthly. I already have a color scheme for November. ^_^

I’ll do my best to keep this blog posted on things related to my etsy shop,

B’ Sweet~Stay Sweet,

Annie ♥


DIY~Paperclip Bookmark

Hey Everyone,

Over the last two weeks I had watched a very cool YouTuber who is amazing when it comes to business and planning organizational things, Alexis aka Miss Trenchcoat. One of her older video is DIY bookmarks. The method she uses is printed bows and super glue, but still cute and useful.

I decided to try it out and I made one using an old purchase of 3D flower stickers and a Smash Paperclip.


I used Gorilla glue to keep the two pieces together and to hide the paperclip and the excess of material I placed an ‘A’ for Annie on the back.

This was a fun small project to do it took 30 minutes total to make. Gorilla Glue takes a long time to set, so most of the time it took is based on the glue setting.

I hope you guys try this out, it’s really fun. One of the next posts I will make is going to be about the jumbo Spongebob paperclip bookmark I made for my sister Tina.

B’Sweet~Stay Sweet,

Annie ♥


Kinky Twist & The Big Chop

Hello Everyone,

Disney World Trip~Day 1 (Animal Kingdom)

Over early summer I had decided to get kinky twist installed. I had it done for my Disney World trip that was during the third week of June. I kept them in for about month. Right after I big chopped you guys!

Disney Trip (Animal Kingdom)-Day 1

It is liberating and yet not. The plan was to cut my hair after a year of transitioning, but  noticed the back was growing faster than the front. So in order to save the awkward length I decided I should big chop and trim up my hair evenly and let it grow out as such.

I’ve always cut my hair so it didn’t hurt to chop my hair off, but as soon as I did my hair shrank up. The stretched hair I had had finally reverted to it’s nice from of a Teeny Weeny Afro(TWA). I will admit that I am not happy with it’s length but I am more pleased that my hair will be growing healthy and even.

Since there is nothing I can do about it, I just let my sorrow roll off my shoulders and focus on how happy it is to be fully natural.

Left: Big Chop Right: Big Chopping July 1st, 2015


P.S: If you somehow didn’t realize, earlier today, I closed by etsy shop for good. I will be selling on my blog using another method than etsy.

B’Sweet~Stay Sweet,

Annie ♥



NIrV Study Bible for Kids by Zondervan

 NIrV Study Bible for Kids
Published by Zondervan

This new international readers version is derived from the NIV version, just for young readers. It’s a very creative study Bible that has any devotional qualities than most other young reader bibles. This is approx. for ages 6-10 years old. I love the devotionals for one but what is very ‘iffy’ is the crass or so language for certain situations, you probably wouldn’t want to give a 6 through 10 year old this Bible, but a pre-teen and sprouting teenager… this is good for them.

I really like this Bible. It’s easy to read, maybe to straight to the point, but it is amazing with its devotional qualities. I’ve always had a love for devotional Bibles because they give more of an in-depth reading and learning experiences to the Bible. The study tools are practical and that is great for the age range of this Bible. The commentary is also very interesting, it is always god to get a different perspective on broad subjects. This Bible came hard-cover. I gave my niece a small Bible cover I had bought a few years back on, the fit is nice and snug. The typeface and font is decent for the size of this Bible.

I would highly recommend this Bible for any upcoming pre-teen to a new aspiring high-schooler.


Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers <> book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 <> : “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


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