Wolf Creek Wife by Penny Richards

Wolf Creek Wife by Penny Richards

This book is a Love-Inspired-Historical; a Christian fiction romance. A nice light-hearted read for passing time. Bring this along on a short or long trip and take your time reading.

The book has a good progression. Not to slow and not to fast. The characters have a good background and the book leaves you wondering about the personalities of those who have lived before. It moves the heart with the twist and turns in the plot and it gives you an eerie feel as to assume you were there with them. To summarize, two characters fall in love, but it has to be. However unorthodox was there meeting. Forced into a marriage where the two tried there best to stray from the other only to be together in the long run. Only to find they actual have more in common. Main female character, Blythe Granville’s, life couldn’t get any worse and yet it did. Main male character, Will Slade, couldn’t have put himself in a more obtuse situation the his first marriage… yet here he is with Blythe Granville trying to weather the storm of society gossip and his ex-wife returning. Blythe had more than enough on her plate while tragedy after tragedy seem to raining one after the other but… BUT! They manage and the story ends beautifully. I believe it should however have another follow up read.

5/5 stars.

B’Sweet-Stay Reading,

Annie ♥


Day 5: Adventurous

Today, we had a day with a very special woman I consider to be like a mom to me and on the better part of that day, my sister, broke one of the bookcases I was working on for her. I had to fix it and I was quite surprised I didn’t get a peeved as I known I would have. After putting up the bookcases, the special lady, made us burgers and tater-tots. It was amazing! The patties were Spinach and Feta-Cheese patties and I doused them with mayo. They were oh-so yummy. After words I finished reading the bonus story from the back of the first book of The Everard’s Legacy and it was a nice short story >House Of Secrets by Marta Perry<. Do read it. After reading we went to sit on the patio and it was so beautiful here in Round Rock. Very beautiful, God’s creation, I hope and pray for the nice windy summer breeze to continue for the week as we head into spring. I read through the first two chapters of the second book from The Everard’s Legacy. On top of all today’s activities I have finally gotten book money. I am very exited and can’t wait to get new love-inspired harlequins and probably some suspense ones too, and The Chance by Karen Kingsbury. In a couple of days I’ll post a preview for it and place it on My Bookshelf.


Annie ♥


Day 4: Finished with book 1


I have just finished with book one and I am heading in to book two tomorrow. Here is my review if you would like to check it out from my brains though points.


The book was interestingly suspenseful. I don’t have much detail to give because I really has to be comprehended from the reader as to how many mysteries is going on with a lying uncle and his roguish nephews and a hidden daughter in tow. Not to mention the ‘governess’ whose mother sold the house to the lying uncle and her sad past. There were also a lot of other characters that didn’t want the family to succeed in the female cousins first season… Well you see where I am going? Too many secrets the lying uncle didn’t divulge before his timely death, which make is oh so much intriguing to the reader.

I do hope you pick the book up. Surprisingly this doesn’t have to be bought to read. Go to your nearest library and see if it’s there, that’s where I got my copy. Plus, there is an extra story in the back of the book by Marta Perry. I will read it on the morrow and hopefully get book 2 in The Everard’s Legacy going.

One last thing the fourth book has made its debut: The Heiress’s Homecoming , Check It Out!

Annie ♥


Day 2: How I Conclude My Night


Same series: The Everard Legacy

Day two and I am still going strong with the joy God has placed in me. I went to the library today and picked up two love inspired harlequins and they are from the same series. They are due on the 22nd of march so come back in a week to see the first books review. The books are The Rogue’s Reform and The Captain’s Courtship by Regina Scott.

They are the first two books from The Everard Legacy.

Calling it a night, Annie ♥