Novels Currently Writing

Rivals BKG 2-FINWar A state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state… in this case Highschool. ++++ “You don’t even know what your about to do?” Daven’s lazy posture leaned against the door frame of the girls locker room. His eyes following Jay’s every move. “Then why don’t you tell me?” Jay turned her face slightly so she could get a glimpse of him behind her. He scoffed, “I’d rather watch you screw up.” A smirk finding it’s way on his lips as he walked out of the open locker room. Jay narrowed her eyes at his retreating form. ‘Like, hell I won’t.’

>Wanna Take Part in my journey with Rivals? Read it Here: Annie B’

You can check on my progress here: Annie B – NaNoWriMo

*I do not define hell as a curse word. It is a place where people-who sin and don’t repent-go.*


Lillian’s Project: Halfway Home Series
Book 1: Just Breathe

Maya Baker has been working at the Emerson Pet Clinic for three years. One day she meets Mr.Jude, a big Saint Bernard, whose owner has yet to pick him up from his three o’clock appointment. Over the next two weeks she dotes on Jude and takes him home during the night. In the midst of her reclusive life she makes friends with the friendly giant and makes an effort to adopt him; all to late.

Jude’s owner comes back and Maya directly rebukes him and moves on with her reclusive life, writing the man off as irresponsible and she didn’t need that in her life. The very thought of neglect of the poor dog made her stomach churn. She wanted to give the man more than a bite-back attitude but protocol called for good customer service.

The same man who will encourage her along the way out of her anxiety-induced, isolated habits. The same man who will eventually take notice in her more than a friend. The cowboy who will be her rock, her good-natured opposite, her man.

This is their story.




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