National Novel Writing Month aka NANOWRIMO.


What more can I say? You write for one month and that is November of every year. You write till your hearts content, you can also go to write-ins and meet other Wrimo’s, as we are the citizens of Nanoland, and make friends AND get some writing done with some well needed help.

When you beat the procrastination beasts you win a certificate and free five copies of your published and hopefully finished book. Awesome, right? Exactly! But hey don’t worry if you don’t finish it in November, you have until June the next year to finish and publish. So with out further adooooooo`~ Lets get signed up:

Click here:
nce you go through those motions you are hereby done!

If you are 17 and younger, then you can go here: which is the Young Writers Program.

Sign up here:

You are set and ready to do some pre-planning mojo. Now remember NANOWRIMO and YWP AND CAMPNANOWRIMO plus more are all supported by you, me, and the rest. Yes, people supported so head on over and check out there Merch or donate to them.

Check out OLL, the ones who make it possible:

Hope to hear from you,

Annie ♥


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