Online Bible Study

Welcome To OBS Page!

Here is the beginning to all ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ learning habits. Online Bible Study makes a great way to learn the Bible. Studying in a very hard thing to do if you’re starting off with nowhere to a goal and with no stopping point either. During OBS, you learn to to set a goal for the day or the week and you also learn what you’re studying now that you have have a goal and a certain section to focus on. Learning doesn’t have to be difficult nor hard.

Reading the Bible should be easy as if you were reading a novel. Never underestimate what God can do through the simple obedience of you reading one chapter a day. But thanks to OBS over at Proverbs 31 Ministries, OBS is made to be fun and inviting. Learn with other people and have fun interacting with others who are learning just like you. Join Facebook Small Groups, Facebook & Twitter Parties, Conference Calls, Download Pintrest Wallies of scriptures and Memory Verses’, and Giveaways. Anything to get you up and pumping for God is what an Online Bible Study is all about. So why not join the fun?

Just hover over God’s Amazing Mysteries tab> then hover over OBS tab> there should be the obs’s already done and the one currently going on is always last.

Bringing You fun things,

Annie ^_^



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