SHD~What’s In Creation?

Hey Everyone!

So I’ve been working on producing my own inserts for Sweet HoneyComb Designs. The first post for inserts will be a budget sheet. I placed honey in this budget sheet. I think she just looks too adorable. There will be sold: Disposable and Re-useable.

The Re-useable will be laminated and be tabbed as a divider. With a re-useable budget
sheet you can use marker and wipe off with windex or an alcohol based white-board spray and re-use it for another month. The disposable one will be plain paper. Or for storage purposes too.

The back will have regular note paper for jotting notes and doodling.

These will probably come out sometime in March. I’m excited for this. I plan on putting Beeya in her own as well, so there will be options to choose from. Not to mention, I was planning on adding another character to SHD. I wonder what he or she will look like?!


B’Sweet~Stay Sweet,



Opening Week Give Away!

Hey Peeps!

Some awesome things are spreading around today! Since opening yesterday I’ve had some major setbacks like my printer breaking and all that fun tech jazz, but I ordered another one using prime! What prime? Amazon Prime! Packages Roll Out! Heehee! Now that we are back in motion I am so excited to host the first ever give away for SHD! 😄


💙The Prize: 10 randomly chosen products from my shop that are *active* between now and the end of the give away.

💙The Rules: 1. Like this post. ¦ 2. Follow this Instagram. ¦ 3. Comment on my blog(in bio) which sticker(s) is your favorite. ¦

💙 The Deadline: 1 Week. {Jan. 6th-13th @} The winner will be announced on the 14th and will receive an instagram DM. They must reply with 12 hours of the first DM.

Not to mention the discount that is still available for the first 10 Customers to purchase with a minimum of $10.00: NewYear-NewYou.

I hope your day is going great.

B’ Sweet~Stay Sweet,
Annie ❤



Sweet Honeycomb Designs!

Good News,

Sweet Kirithra at has been relocated to and named Sweet Honeycomb Design! I am happy to give the news after much contemplation and brainstorming of how I wanted my store to look like and without further ado I bring you an amazing new layout customized for the creative heart.

SHD.STORENVY.COM is now open for business. Hop on over and start perusing the cute stickers. And just maybe you caught this post so that means you will hear of the amazing discount going on over there too. Now, it’s not a free for all. The first 10 customers get 15% off when they spend a minimum of $10.00; all you have to do is put in the discount code below when you checkout and your discount is applied. Shipping is by priority mail at 5.95.


This is for my fellow Insta-Planner-Nerds! So, blog peeps are lucky. And maybe you came over from the Facebook, lucky for you.


B’Sweet~Stay Sweet

Annie ♥



Hey Everyone,

Today’s blog is on a Haul. A planner haul. I am excited to present my new Mambi Planner.

I spent a good $55, rounded, on this whole haul. I was planning on getting an Erin Condren at Staples, but luckily they would have it that there is no Staples in the Heart of Texas, where I live, that carries Erin Condren. So I went to Hobby Lobby and found my love with MAMABI: Create 365, The Happy Planner.

Earlier in the year I was going to get a MAMBI, but my local Michael’s sold out. So this fateful day,  I went to Hobby Lobby about fifteen miles from where I live and voila, the beauty was there.   In all it’s glory, it was there and now, it is here in my hands. But thank goodness, with 40% discount on one regular priced item, I got it for $15. My whole day was made.

Thank you MAMBI. What I also love about MAMBI is the clear idea that this company was founded on good principles; GOD! I love it when a company can come outright and say they believe God has helped through this and has His hands in their midst. I am a proud MAMBI owner. Hop on over to Me & My Big Ideas for your own planner and extras, not to mention to read their blog.

Check out some more pics.


Etsy? My Etsy!

Mini Turtles {Set of 5}

Good Day Everyone,

I have been meaning to put this particular blog post up for two weeks. The internet at my home has been lagging for no apparent reason… well, unless you count the plenty of water God has been giving us over the past month.

With out further interruption. I bring you: Etsy? My Etsy!

A stunning idea has reached my bellows a few weeks back. And by God, I believe it to be true. Unless God tells me otherwise, I will be doing this in my spare time. Which if anyone knows me, I’ve got tons of spare time!

To the left, is one of the many designs that will be on my Etsy Shop ” Sweet Kirithra’. Aren’t they just the cutest!

Now, due to the same reasons I couldn’t get this blog up, I haven’t been able to fully see through to most of the listings at ‘Sweet Kirithra’. I am going to be pulling lots of stone and dirt (moving heaven and earth) just to get them done within the next few days, so when Monday comes I will have up what has been made already.

I haven’t made much items but a concept has reached my ears, Thanks You God, I will be doing: One-A-Day Items! At least ’til I make at least 50 to 100 in stock. It’s not a bad concept and it works for me since I will also be making blankets to go along with these miniature cutie-pies.

I am also open to suggestions on what kind of items to make as well. So comment down below, please. In my next two blogs I will talk about the name ‘Sweet Kirithra’ and the Entrelac blanket I finished making for my youngest niece… which I should have posted a long time ago-but forgotten to take pictures of the blanket and it’s charms.-


B’Sweet~ Stay Creative,

Annie ♥


That One Time I…

Hello Peoples!

This past March I uploaded one blog post. Sad, but I went to six flags the next Thursday and came home and had another schedule filler as well, Prayer Conference. Woo! It was a whooper of a week but I managed in the week after to put together a vlog of my time at Six Flags Over Texas.

I did manage to finish the video the Thursday after my trip but, Camtasia studio wouldn’t log me into Youtube. I tried for three hours after 2:20pm when I had finished but couldn’t get it until I tried a new way to upload by saving it as an mp4 video and then uploading to Youtube.

Finally Here It Is! I hope you enjoy it.


B’ Sweet ~ Stay Rollercoaster Rushed!

Annie ♥


Good Day,

On one fine morning mid February, I decided to get one last perm/relaxer and haircut. Why? Because, I was tired of how fast my new growth was coming in and the fact that natural hair doesn’t get as straight as the rest of my relaxed hair. It was more time consuming to flat iron my hair everyday in small sections just to get my roots to look close enough like my straightened ends; and even then I didn’t want to flat iron my hair that frequently.

Now, I had my first perm in fifth grade- nine years old. I was ‘off’ an ‘on’ perm/relaxer for my whole life, but I never gave my hair the desired TLC-moisture that it needed. I have hair like a lions mane, when brushed out in it’s lion mane/natural state. I braided every weekend, washed every two weeks, but never used enough moisturizing products in my hair.

Since I am no longer in my high school days and I am old enough, more well aware, and much qualified in knowledge ‘know-how’ about my hair type and texture, it’s time to start new but before that I wanted to get my hair on the right track and experience a last haircut.

 photo hair clip  8 collage.jpg

So as you can see in these pictures my hair before the haircut was damaged at the ends and the trim my mother gave me to the a-line bob cut I had gotten months before had been destroyed. In the front, one side is longer than the other from the trimming gone bad and in the back the damage area, split ends’ had left my hair in an awkward-stubbed state. I’ve received line ups in the back but it seemed the split ends had made it far up the hair shaft and hence the continual misshapen look at the back.

But thankfully that’s all fixed.

 photo hair clip  7.jpg   photo hair clip  5.png

The pixie cut I originally wanted was a long bang Frankie Sandford cut, but the stylist didn’t do that. I went to GreatClips and paid $14. I wasn’t really happy with it, but as long as the back was trimmed up correctly (this time) the haircuts finality won’t bother me at all.

 photo hair clip  6.jpg I’ve been styling bob cuts since 2011, so this won’t be a problem when transitioning. I was hoping for shorter length, but if styled well I think it rocks!

More than anything, I get a nice, permanently straightened bob for a month before new growth over takes my head and starts giving me waves.

I plan on leaving the flat-iron out of my routine for a long time. I’ve never really incurred heat damage since I use low heat, but I have snagged and popped my hair using the flat-iron on many occasions, shame on me.

Overall, my goal is to be natural and to forgo the use and necessity of the flat-iron. My relaxed hair without being straightened looks the same as my hair not relaxed but straightened: A tamed lions mane. So putting two and two together… Why should I perm/relax my hair if the outcome is the same in the first step?

Exactly, no need! So from here on out, I’m going natural. I probably will look somewhat like a TWA (teeny-weeny-afro) and a transition-er and by all means- it’s fine by me.

Healthy hair and loveable hair should always be a goal for me. I began to ‘not liking’ the way relaxers were treating me. But in the end I can sum up that I am most excited for this healthy hair journey. I am now four days post relaxer with a new hair cut (4-DPR).

Gotta start some where.

Fun Facts:

  1. I haven’t seen my original textured hair since fifth grade. Once I permed it and it dropped off in the back, the texture has never been the same.
  2. I wore my natural hair in braids all of my high school years; except for graduation.


B’Sweet~Stay Sweet,