Blu Vivo Air Unboxing (White)

Good Day Everyone,

Today I’ll be putting up a long awaited unboxing of my new phone. I had bought a Blu Vivo Air in February and now after using it to it’s fullest capabilities I am posting a Review and unboxing at the same time.

The first thing I want to point out about this is: Iphone 5 look-a-like. It is supposed to look like it. If you want an Iphone but not the Ipone price you can buy this instead. Now when I say look-a-like I mean it even in OS design. The operating system (OS) might be android but it is set up like an Iphone. The same 4 X 4 rows and columns. There are apps on th first page you can’t get rid of just like the Iphone.

Now, I prefer my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Sprint Network) by far but I wanted a GSM/Unlock/’Free Network Use’  phone that wasn’t broken like my previous Blu phone that I dropped on concrete on December 31, 2014.

The cracked screen, as you can see, isn’t too bad but the line that starts from the beginning extends to the end and it annoyed me to no avail. So I decided to get the Vivo Air.

> It is light.(Funny: Like Air)
>Nice Looking: I have Gold & White. {The other is Gray/Aluminum & Black}
>Enough Space(16GB)
>Hold-able(Fits in my hand with thumb reach space)
>Amazing Color
>Easy Access/Not Hard to Use
>Different Design Layouts to choose from.

I don’t really have a con, but for a simply definable answer: It most definitely isn’t a Galaxy Note Phone. So it is different for me, but it’s not much different from the Iphone except Android OS. It’ sold from an upcoming company like Blackberry and Iphone. They come out with many designs and layouts externally and internally. BLUProducts are a more colorful brand so hopefully they can stay afloat better than Helio, because I actually like them.

Thanks BLU for a great phone. I hope you like this unboxing and review.


{P.S}So a little update with my scheduling, I have gotten rid of Official Blog Days. Reason being, I have so many things to blog about and waiting till the date to post two or more things is a little hard so I decided to post whenever I get a topic or idea.


B’Sweet~Stay Sweet,

Annie ♥


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