Crochet Project~Colorful Entrelac Blanket

Good Day,

In march, I began another crochet blanket project for my niece, Chey Bug. The entrelac stitch is said to be intermediate or even difficult, but I got it down in a few hours. It turned out so amazing. I love it, it is so lively with color. I’ve learned that the looser the stitch the softer the square will be on the blanket.

It was a joy working on this. I was planning on making it bigger, but decided it was good enough for her height. The charms on the corner of the blanket are two strawberries and a miniature pillow with my niece’ initials on it. The pillow was done by single crochet and the green border as well.

I give the work on this blanket a 3.5 out of 5. It is a long process when the blanket gets bigger. The looping process is very tedious after a long time, but seeing the change is amazing. This blanket was originally for my sister but she didn’t like the colors and I decided to give it to someone else down on my list.

I finished this in early may. I had forgotten to take pictures of it to make a blog post and hence forth this is when the post has come.


B’Sweet~Stay Creative,



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