Sweet Kirithra

Good Day Everyone,

*Sigh* Let me tell you what a whoop-d-doo  the beginning of this week has been. Our internet zapped out ‘mysteriously’ on the 1st  day of June. I know,  I know, the day I was supposed to open up shop, but luckily I was able to pull up my phones hotspot and manage to make a few of the collages for some listings. It was terrible though. The hotspot needs good service to give good wifi, but my room sucks when it comes to service.

Anywho… on the second of June we fixed the issue and although it was late by the time we fixed the internet I hadn’t been able to set up the shop fully. The same day a few hours after, I was making my planner buttons so I could use my sticker maker but I went to the library and the file wasn’t staying put. The computer I was working on had been glitching the entire time and when I edited the doc on the glitchy library computer it had reverted the document to it original form which was standard photoshop made. *Sigh*

But no worries, today is June 3rd and I was able to get Etsy up and running, my planner buttons, and my podcast system came in yesterday so I can’t wait to try it out and review it. Let’s move onto the meaning of this blog shall we.

Banner # 1

My Etsy shop, which is named, Sweet Kirithra is officially open. Now while in the stages of preparing the shop, I was in over my head at what it took to make the shop. Thankfully, I did it (with the help of God.)

I had to give my shop a name and well, I couldn’t use my username BSweet Stay Sweet. And thus Sweet Kirithra was born, but how? Well, I wanted something to represent who I am and what I am always trying to push whether in private or public. So I thought and thought about it and came up with a scripture based phrase. Proverbs 16:24 was my foundation, “Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” I needed the shop name to represent my life, my God, my heart and I knew honeycomb was something sweet and healthy. Just like God.

Banner # 2

I also needed something that wasn’t common so I wouldn’t have to constntly run into ‘Aleady Taken’ roadblock. So I though a different language should work and that’s when I brought my learned Greek into the mix. Using the greek alphabet wasn’t allowed so I used the roman equivalent. Kirithra in greek means honeycomb. So in retrospect I combined my favorite, life giving scripture and made it in to a brand; Hopefully.

Initial Logo

Today I am so excited to share what my life and creativity means through the means of this blog and now Etsy, and even in my church. I am glad I get to touch lives like this every day and I am glad you decided to join me. Sweet Kirithra is now a page on  my blog and the items available in stock will be updated every new item, sale, and generally overlooked on Saturdays. Every item is Custom Order, so if you have a particular color it can be done as long as it is with this months color guide which is in the picture section of the items on my Etsy shop. Every item on my blog is hyperlinked to it’s corresponding Etsy link as well.

Once again I will love to thank you, everyone who has followed to receive encouragement and idea inspiration.

B’Sweet~Stay Creative,

Annie ♥


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