Etsy? My Etsy!

Mini Turtles {Set of 5}

Good Day Everyone,

I have been meaning to put this particular blog post up for two weeks. The internet at my home has been lagging for no apparent reason… well, unless you count the plenty of water God has been giving us over the past month.

With out further interruption. I bring you: Etsy? My Etsy!

A stunning idea has reached my bellows a few weeks back. And by God, I believe it to be true. Unless God tells me otherwise, I will be doing this in my spare time. Which if anyone knows me, I’ve got tons of spare time!

To the left, is one of the many designs that will be on my Etsy Shop ” Sweet Kirithra’. Aren’t they just the cutest!

Now, due to the same reasons I couldn’t get this blog up, I haven’t been able to fully see through to most of the listings at ‘Sweet Kirithra’. I am going to be pulling lots of stone and dirt (moving heaven and earth) just to get them done within the next few days, so when Monday comes I will have up what has been made already.

I haven’t made much items but a concept has reached my ears, Thanks You God, I will be doing: One-A-Day Items! At least ’til I make at least 50 to 100 in stock. It’s not a bad concept and it works for me since I will also be making blankets to go along with these miniature cutie-pies.

I am also open to suggestions on what kind of items to make as well. So comment down below, please. In my next two blogs I will talk about the name ‘Sweet Kirithra’ and the Entrelac blanket I finished making for my youngest niece… which I should have posted a long time ago-but forgotten to take pictures of the blanket and it’s charms.-


B’Sweet~ Stay Creative,

Annie ♥


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