HHJ: Month 1

Healthy Hair Journey

Month 1

Hey Everyone,

I’ve decided to take two Official Blog Days, Monday and Thursday! I’ve had a lot happen in March and I wanted to share them all but it seemed crazy to line up five blogs within one day so I decided to take another day… Monday’s it is.

So what happened to my hair from February 28th to March 28?

Well, my hair grew a total INCH! Excited, but then again that’s normal.

I’ve always loved watching my hair cuts grow out.

I tried some new products and my hair has loved them. I’ve also broken out from a three week attempt at biotin. So let’s start from the top. I decided to write out washing schedules so I can remember what I have done and what I will do next.


Week 1_March 7: Co-wash. Deep Condition (Method C: Moisture & Protein). T-shirt Dry. LOC.

  • Co washing didn’t wash my hair like I was used to with regular Head & Shoulders shampoo so I washed my hair with H&S on Wednesday and Oiled again plus a Braid-out.
  • Proud to say my hair lasted pretty well. The braid out was loosing edge after day three and looked wavy on day four.




Week 2_March 14: Pre-Poo(03/13). Shampoo. Condition. Deep Condition (Method B: Protein & Strength). Leave-In/ Wash out. Blow Dry. Afro.

  • During this week I bought Biotin. Nothing was happening the first week so I was fine. My scalp began to Itch sporadically through the week and became extremely tender.
    • I tried tea rinse for the first time which was a good experience. I made an oil mix: coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and peppermint tea drops.

Week 3_March 21: Shampoo. Condition. Deep Condition (Method A: Moisture & Softens).Leave In/Wash out. Blow Dry. Flat-Iron Hair. Length Check.

  • This week was hectic; I’ve never itched so much in my life. At the end of the week, I decided to give the oil mix a rest and to chuck the biotin. I began to break out on my face in different areas but also on my scalp. They weren’t pimples but rash like bumps that are raised and itch constantly.
  • Mid week-I washed my hair out and did my norm: H&S Shampoo, H&S Conditioner, Olive Miracle Leave-In, Blow Dry, Olive oil for my scalp.
  • I didn’t do an actual length check because there really isn’t a length check to do yet, but I noticed my hair cut grew out a bit: an inch in some places on the sides and half an inch in the middle, but a little more than an inch in the back.

Week 4_March 27: Shampoo. Conditioner. Deep Condition(Method A: Moisture & Softens). Leave-In, Oil, Blow Dry, Oil Scalp Again, Hair Lotion. Tuck Away.

  • I wasn’t able to wash my hair on Saturday, because I had to be somewhere all day. So I did all of this the day before. It was also cleaning day.
  • Didn’t take a picture of my hairstyle, but it is basically a bun with out a hair tie. I used a wide hair band and combed my hair up, slipped the headband on and then tucked the remaining length of my hair back in making a poof at the top of my head. That’s my go to style for when I have bad hair days or don’t feel like restyling it. It’s easy and I can change up my head bands or add bows to it.

Overall, I believe it was a very harsh month for me, but I made it through and can only pass on one advice: Stick-to-the Staples. Staple products that bring you through and through no matter what you try or what stops working. You’re staple products are your go to products that will always be closer than a friend.

B’Sweet~Stay Sweet,

Annie ♥


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