Good Day,

On one fine morning mid February, I decided to get one last perm/relaxer and haircut. Why? Because, I was tired of how fast my new growth was coming in and the fact that natural hair doesn’t get as straight as the rest of my relaxed hair. It was more time consuming to flat iron my hair everyday in small sections just to get my roots to look close enough like my straightened ends; and even then I didn’t want to flat iron my hair that frequently.

Now, I had my first perm in fifth grade- nine years old. I was ‘off’ an ‘on’ perm/relaxer for my whole life, but I never gave my hair the desired TLC-moisture that it needed. I have hair like a lions mane, when brushed out in it’s lion mane/natural state. I braided every weekend, washed every two weeks, but never used enough moisturizing products in my hair.

Since I am no longer in my high school days and I am old enough, more well aware, and much qualified in knowledge ‘know-how’ about my hair type and texture, it’s time to start new but before that I wanted to get my hair on the right track and experience a last haircut.

 photo hair clip  8 collage.jpg

So as you can see in these pictures my hair before the haircut was damaged at the ends and the trim my mother gave me to the a-line bob cut I had gotten months before had been destroyed. In the front, one side is longer than the other from the trimming gone bad and in the back the damage area, split ends’ had left my hair in an awkward-stubbed state. I’ve received line ups in the back but it seemed the split ends had made it far up the hair shaft and hence the continual misshapen look at the back.

But thankfully that’s all fixed.

 photo hair clip  7.jpg   photo hair clip  5.png

The pixie cut I originally wanted was a long bang Frankie Sandford cut, but the stylist didn’t do that. I went to GreatClips and paid $14. I wasn’t really happy with it, but as long as the back was trimmed up correctly (this time) the haircuts finality won’t bother me at all.

 photo hair clip  6.jpg I’ve been styling bob cuts since 2011, so this won’t be a problem when transitioning. I was hoping for shorter length, but if styled well I think it rocks!

More than anything, I get a nice, permanently straightened bob for a month before new growth over takes my head and starts giving me waves.

I plan on leaving the flat-iron out of my routine for a long time. I’ve never really incurred heat damage since I use low heat, but I have snagged and popped my hair using the flat-iron on many occasions, shame on me.

Overall, my goal is to be natural and to forgo the use and necessity of the flat-iron. My relaxed hair without being straightened looks the same as my hair not relaxed but straightened: A tamed lions mane. So putting two and two together… Why should I perm/relax my hair if the outcome is the same in the first step?

Exactly, no need! So from here on out, I’m going natural. I probably will look somewhat like a TWA (teeny-weeny-afro) and a transition-er and by all means- it’s fine by me.

Healthy hair and loveable hair should always be a goal for me. I began to ‘not liking’ the way relaxers were treating me. But in the end I can sum up that I am most excited for this healthy hair journey. I am now four days post relaxer with a new hair cut (4-DPR).

Gotta start some where.

Fun Facts:

  1. I haven’t seen my original textured hair since fifth grade. Once I permed it and it dropped off in the back, the texture has never been the same.
  2. I wore my natural hair in braids all of my high school years; except for graduation.


B’Sweet~Stay Sweet,



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