Know For Yourself: We Are…

Hello, from a long overdue break,

Right at this moment I am transitioning once again. Moving back to what I’m used too… or should I say what I was used to. The time taken; that was spent in Houston, has really given me time to breathe and think about my life in the center of it all and I mean the universe. Now, I don’t mean for you to think about yourself as a selfish act, but take  the time to really see yourself out of the trillions that were and are. You can only be ready to help others when you know who you are and what you were made for. You need to know who created you and what purpose you have.

You, just like the trillions, were wonderfully and fearfully made, and that alone should bring us to praise the mighty, creative, holy, and dearly beloved God who made us. Through this our souls knows it very well {Psalm 139:14}. Our soul knows it and yet we can’t seem to get our mind on track with our soul. We rely on our own understanding and fail to acknowledge God, even though He is the one who keeps our path straight{Proverbs 3:5,6}. We forget God in the midst of everything and turn away because we think we know what is best. Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord, turn away from evil. It will be healing to your flesh and refreshment to your bones{Proverbs 3:7,8}.

Most time I fail to realize my Best Yes and it turns out I have a sucky day. But when I start out with God, I remind myself, “In this vast beautiful universe God has created{Hebrews 11:3}, the earth which is His footstool{Isaiah 66:1 ; Acts 7:49}, I find the trees, the oceans, the animals, and even us humans, in the perspective of God who created all things great and magnificent, which is written all through out the bible; I must be one greatly loved child of God. The one thing that separates me from the rest of the world, you know the part that wants money, fame, power, and the works, is that I already have it. Most of God’s Children don’t know this.

We Already Have It! We have the blessings most people drag their feet searching the ends of the world to acquire, if we would only be wise enough to know, God has placed us as stewards over many things. He has called us into being and He has spoken to us the things which we shall have and has proclaimed victory for our end(which is technically our beginning). We feel like we are nothing, but in order to be a Child of God we need to accept that we are powerful, we are beautiful, we are Great in God, we are loved deeply, and NO ONE-no other human, no demon from hell, nor satan, can tell us otherwise or take away the gift of knowledge from us.

Know this for yourself and actually spend time with God. At this point in time/history/your life, you have a choice to make: a) keep living your daily grind with out figuring out the issue and tackling it, or b) change for the better, knowing you see yourself as you should gives people the opportunity to do the same. Funny thing about people is, we like to copycat. We like to know that someone else is also on board, also has the same issues, even think the alike. We love having that connection.

I wonder if we could even put God into the mix here. Doesn’t God also want to have a connection with us? One where we aren’t tearing at our soul for flesh desires instead of fulfilling what will keep us truly happy, fulfilling the spiritual needs.

How about we start off easy, here’s an opportunity to dive into an online bible study with me and tons of others. The Best Yes OBS by It has already started, but there is no time limit to begin as every single post from the blog are archived. You want to start somewhere and don’t know where then how about here(that rhymed-heehee). Proverbs31 OBS is hosting The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst (Founder of P31 Ministries). I’ve started and I love it and highly recommend participating, also reading the book.

I have listed the “why” reasons, so why not join?


B’Sweet~Stay Knowledgeable,

Annie ♥


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