Teen Study Bible, NIV by Lawrence O. Richards and Sue W. Richards

Teen Study Bible, NIV

By Edited by Lawrence O. Richards and Sue W. Richards
Published by Zondervan


The Teen Study Bible is a very beautiful Bible. Just like all Bible’s it shares The Word of God and gives a teenage view to the younger viewers aimed for in this category.

This Bible is amazing in its White and Green color. It shows off a sleek and put together look with the consistency design through the beginning and end. The clean-cut spacing and font is perfect; not too small and very legible. So far no ink discrepancies were found. There are some hand written Dear Jane/Dear John letters and they answer some of the questions that many children go through, the answers aren’t vague and they rely on Bible stories and scriptures to provide evidence and reliable proof. It’s a Durable Bible, being Hardcover and it has easy, meaningful devoltionals, also has maps and beginning book commentary and summaries.

Overall the Bible is really amazing; the only big setback is the version: NIV. NIV isn’t a clear translation from the original text, it has missing scripture in some of the bible books, especially with in the New Testament, and which might I add is very important, and God did say not to take away or add to his Word.

Beautiful, Clean, Age Appropriate, Creative.


B’Sweet~Stay Sweet,



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