What Would I Choose?

Hey There,

I was sitting in my bed this morning, right around 6:45 am and I was thinking. If God asked me one thing I wanted, what would I choose? I started naming off material things and the thing I chose out of that would be long “tame-able” hair. I listed the reason why and I mean come on, anyone who has seen me knows why. I just don’t have the patience or motivation I should say to flat-iron my hair every time I wash it. I have puffy hair, in other words I sport a very soft, light, fluffy Afro! Which doesn’t exactly stay straight if I am sleeping or laying down. When it get’s messy it looks very odd. I contemplated this for a few minutes and then thought. Well if God really wanted to grant me one thing I wouldn’t exactly choose my hair to be different.

I started thinking about a few people in the bible who had a chance to receive something of great measure from God Himself or someone else God had trusted with a task. I first thought of Elisha who received a double portion of Elijah’s spirit and Solomon who also received wisdom. These two people were stuck in my mind for the next 10 minutes as I thought about it. I would love a triple portion of Elisha’s spirit. It would be amazing to have authority to change situations and heal the broken. Yet, wisdom is key to everything. When you get wisdom, you get insight (Proverbs 4:5). Now Solomon was the wisest but he also fell pretty hard with his wives leading him astray to their ‘gods’. His wisdom in the end didn’t come in handy for him; for he lacked self-discipline. I think I’ll stand on the first choice.

If I was ever asked… I would want a triple portion of Elisha’s spirit, to grow in self-discipline and wisdom. To have the Characteristics of the Fruit of The Spirit (Galatians 5:22-25); to be well rounded in God’s love and have that kind of protection, that’s what I would choose.



B’Sweet~Stay Sweet,

Annie ♥


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