What Can Fill My Happy Bucket?


She Who Writes

Doesn’t it feel like sometimes we live in this world chasing after things? We do it unconsciously, at first. Remember your first teacher asking you what you wanted to be when your a grown up and some of us probably said doctor, lawyer, fire fighter, cheer leader, or like a little family member of mines– a tiger. From there they tell us to achieve our dreams and so we begin this race.

Society doesn’t help us either by constantly promoting the next big thing and telling us we need it to be happy.. So we try to fill the void inside us with the success we strive for in this world. Whether it’s getting married, having kids, getting good grades/degree, owning a house, traveling the world, owning the latest gizmo, etc.

And those things are fine to want and acquire. God wants to bless us with the desires of our…

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