A Step Of Faith

Hello Everyone,

As of 3 weeks ago I made a Commitment to post on Thursday’s as my Official Blogging Day (OBD), and even though I haven’t lived up to it; that changes now! I’ve made the choice to blog and the Hope I have in myself can’t fade just yet when my dreams for this blog hasn’t even been fully birthed yet. I am more committed this day than I have been Since the beginning of the year.

This image that I had found on Facebook was a real eye opener for me and it somehow Waded in the pools of my doubt and buried ambitions; It’s going to feel like a mental Breakdown when You leave your comfort zone, but with God and by the faith I have, I need to take a leap of faith and basically jump, because I’m much to ‘whimpy’ to just walk off.

I hope reading this brings you as much hope as it is bringing me. There is a Motivational / Inspiration wall in my room. I Place Scriptures and lyrics from christian contemporary songs that I love onto the wall, as Well as quotes from Christian fiction and Bible study reads. Seeing them there is my joy in every storm and it reminds me of how I should be living every single day.

B’ Sweet-Stay Sweet,
Annie ♡


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