It’s in… The New Desk.

My desk arrived last month and I’m just going to say that it is not at all what I thought.


The deskis apretty good sized desk with a curve in it. I was hoping it wasn’t so big, but now I love it. s-t serves as a divider between me and my cousin, plus it gives the room more space in the middle.

The building process took me up to 4 hours because the railings for the draw were hard to pull apart. The set time frame 3 hours and a half. I put most of it together and it’s heavy. The price fortnis nice desk was $120 + Free Shipping at


The material of the surface is amazing, it does not feel like fake Wood on cheap desks. I use the bottom draw for Snack storage than filing.

I rate the desk:
•Overall a 5 out of 5
•Packaging & Info a 4 out of 5
•Usage a 5 out of 5

B’ Sweet-Stay Sweet,
Annie ♡


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