A Very Daring Guest

Dear Readers,

I’ve been very callous with my writing lately and it’s come to my attention that I don’t feel like a lover anymore. The blogger I used to be. I am back though and I am sticking to what I love to do and that’s to encourage people. Somehow lately, I been in need for encouragement. So I’m going to share what has happened to me this past week.

I’ve got a permanent house guest… my cousin. She’s bubbly and whiney.  She’s lost and yet we’ve found her. She’s lazy and she’s girl. She has nice fashion sense that’s not right for a 15 year old whose going to school. She’s dangerously “tudey” and shares very bland puns, but she’s my cousin and she needs help, she needs Jesus Christ. Did I mention that she is also needy? If only you knew how much love she needed you would believe me all the way through. I believe God is testing me and my family on how we will lead this “love-seeking”  child into his loving arms and to guide her into staying there.

It’s a whirlwind of things to do but it’s a task I am loo looking forward to. I see the glory of this outcome and I know my God will make the impossible by man’s terms, possible by HIS.

A Prayer for Guidance
I cry out and I pray the miraculous. I ask for help in the guidance a a young teen who needs you and you footsteps. She needs Your love and Your care, she needs You.Help me to show ways of light and ways of salt. Let my actions of love and peace be loud in her sight and let self-control and gentleness be her medals, be her honor, and show her to be of good faith and character. At her age, in her times of need and want let her see You above all and not man or man’s ways. Show bright Your will for her life and guide her rightfully. Give me and my family the strength it takes to guide a soul to you and to watch our footsteps and where they fall. Let us be intentional about life and love, for you gave it generously and it shall not be wasted on wants alone but the needs of others and the gospel.  Thank you for being my strength. Amen.

B’Sweet-Stay Sweet,
♡ Annie


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