Un~Pack It! Psalm 84:2

Let’s Unpack this weeks verse shall we.
Psalm 84:2

Such intimacy is spoken with in this one verse. Such closeness is reverberated  through me. I feel so touched yet I feel ‘the courts of the Lord’ are so far away. That’s what it feels like to crave something other than God and yet His grace extends to those places that are corrupted by things other than Him. ‘My heart and my flesh,’ the same things that have yearned and craved something of temporary fulfillment. ‘Cry out for the living God.’ Even my body -and it’s inward parts- knows what it really wants while my mind is going after something that will only fix me for 5 minutes and not my whole life.

Though in this madness I find that M2is more than a bible study used to regulate my life style. Made to Crave is an Online Bible Study that also takes care of the matter in the Heart. the place where most things get lodged and we as ordinary humans don’t know how to get them out. A place where we can be honest with God and ourselves about how we live the lives God has given us and we find that it’s not too late to change those places and clear our heart of the clutter that has filled us up. I am ready to Crave God more than ever.

My heart, My body, My mind, My soul.

I’m all in it.

It might feel far away now, the courts of the Lord. But I know that’s temporary, like the hold the devil thinks he has on me.

I was Made 2 Crave God Alone.

♥ Annie


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