Anything, Something

It feels as if everyone is all over the place and I’m swallowing my loneliness.

These last few days since the new year has started I’ve been feeling ever so bored. I don’t have a thing to do and yet school starts on Monday.

I’ve been through very odd situations with my classes being randomly dropped and randomly reinstated, but the thing is… I am in no way angry and I’m actually looking forward to these issues that are and can be easily solved.

Recently, I’ve picked up studying German personally and I also learned something that’s helpful to me. I will continue to hold onto the promises God has for me. I may fail but Jesus will never. I have a feeling deep down in my bones that resonates Joy through me.

Even though I am bored; even though I would love anything to pass by me, something to catch my attention; I am patiently waiting.

Till Then,

Annie ♡


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