DAY 12: My View & Much more

Good Afternoon,

The photo of the day is a view of my campus. I was actually thinking of putting up the view of my carpet since that’s what I see when I exercise but I digressed and thought of this just as soon as I was walking and saw the “beauty in the midst of a certain dilemma”. My college campus becomes really beautiful in the autumn season.

I started working out again. My first workout was amazingly painful, but worth it. I did Fitness Blender: Low impact Cardio & Total Body Toning workout and it has my legs hurting with the many squats that were in the routine. But it was something that I have been dying to do for so long. Now that I am getting back into my exercises I feel more tired and ready to sleep at night; which is a good thing.

I also played racquetball last week Tuesday and Thursday and the week before I taught someone how to play, the next day I woke up sore. I couldn’t ask for a better wake up call. I hope this encourages you to think about doing some physical activity. I recommend racquetball, it’s really fun.

B’Sweet-Stay Sweet,
Annie ♡


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