November~Bring It On!

What is up everyone?

That’s my greeting from a long awaited post. I had forgotten I was a blogger over the last month. I don’t know how I let 3 weeks pass me by without posting a blog; because seriously, I’ve had blog worthy moments and that just says it out right to me> LAZY! I know I know. My life isn’t half as interesting as you would like to think for why I haven’t posted, it’s more like what school work have I forgotten this week. 5 classes isn’t enough to break my brain, but when History class is having you read three books during a five month semester, on top of being a book reviewer with plenty of books sitting on the bookshelf alone and collecting dust, it gets crowded in my noggin. So what have I done about this. Well lets see:

1. I’ve gotten off my lazy but and sat in a chair. (Yes, believe it or not, I am more motivated when I sit in a chair and have a pullout desk to work at.)

2. I started storing every piece of information I came across that was interesting on my new phone that I was supposed to write an ‘unboxing blog’… see and that was to be on the 17th of October. (I’m so behind.)

3. I even lazed through my birthday blog post, so what have I done. Taken pictures of my journey to store and post… ‘very soon!’

4. I’m doing this post, aren’t I!

Any who, lets get the low-down on shall we. 


  • I didn’t just want to waste away my life so I’m getting back on track with exercising.

Planksgiving: 30 Days of Thanks and Planks. A monthly workout calendar by @shrinkingjeans #fitness #workoutcalendar #planksgiving #thankful #exercise

I haven’t seen this in the first week of November so I’m staring it today. Join in on the fun.
Also, This next image goes perfectly with Planks-giving. I had an egg sandwhich w/tomatoes & OJ(I’ll post the pic later).

November Sisterhood Shots #sisterhoodshots

  • I haven’t been posting any OBS: A Confident Heart things at all. Forgive me please. 
    I have a lot of things from the book I need to share. So they will be coming up soon. Just hold on to your horses. By the way, You guys and gals need to check ‘She Who Writes’ blog on wordpress. She posted a really amazing post a few days ago and it has that YOU GOTTA KNOW vibe to it.

So far that’s what I have for ya! and if you know me and I mean in person and we really know each-other, preferably a girl> You might have noticed that ♥EG♥ page is password protected. You wanna pass through just leave me a message. We don’t have to be well-known friends, but it’s a warning for “Everything Girly”! ^_^

Nanowrimo HAS BEGAN! I haven’t gotten anything done. I feel, this might be the first year out of four that I will not be a winner. I just don’t know what to do. So my journey will be less of a tale and more of a few posts saying, ‘Can you see it, the end of… the finish line?…. NOPE!’

Yup, this is my very awkward life.

B’Sweet- Stay Sweet,

Annie ♥


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