The Perfect Love

Dear Readers,

I have a plant I named Henry. He was my mother’s plant and I decided to take him under my wing and care for him, since my mom would forget about him from time to time.
God laid a very sweet poem and comparison in my heart this Monday.

I want to take care of Henry like God takes care of me.
Watering Henry once a week isn’t such a good idea, but the picture is bigger than it looks.
Henry thrives off of miracle grow, like I do the Holy Spirit.
God watches as the Holy Spirit keeps us and when it’s time for a trim, that’s when the tests start and when I pass, I’ll have long beautiful new leaves that show my growth.
Each new petal/leaf a beautiful blessing of God’s grace and mercy.
Never withering, but always thriving.
In Jesus Name, Amen.

If we could turn our thoughts to Christ daily and just forget the troubles of the past…
If we can realize that those troubles are what makes us stronger and more confident to move on…
Then we have what it takes to fully grasp contentment and security in those hard times.

B’s Sweet – Stay Sweet,
Annie ♡


7 thoughts on “The Perfect Love

  1. Annie, thanks for sharing your poem. God’s #PerfectLove for us is so hard to for our human minds to wrap around…it is helpful when He gives us a glimpse of it through somethings so tangible. Blessings to you, sister!


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