Friday Night Prayer Service


Good Evening,

Today I woke up with an enthusiasm. I was so joyful, and unbelievable energetic, though as soon as math class started I fell into the gloom of pre-algebra doom! Satan wanted to attack my train of thought, he wanted me to loose my focus on school and fail at my classes and I WON’T ALLOW IT! I will not let my life become a ticking time bomb and loose control of it. God blessed me with His precious breath and I won’t waist it. It’s high time I broke the powers of laziness, sleepiness, and every other thing that breaks me, and keeps me from living my true life in life.

We read Psalms 91 and went straight into praise and worship. What an amazing time. God knows how to treats us even though we are all different. There are things meant for one person that isn’t for another. The Lord knows every hair numbered on our persons and he understands our transgressions. There is nothing too hard for My God to fix.



  • As a child of God, He will always protect you and be there for you.


B’Sweet-Stay Sweet,

Annie ♥


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