Busy, Busy, Busy


I’ve been Busy, Busy, Busy for the last three weeks. I can’t tell you if I even had the time to let my brain think up or even write up the things that were blog worthy; which might I say they all were, but I have been trying to weigh Biology with German and I haven’t gotten the hang of it. I will tell you this,


I had to find out the hard way that taking German online was the worst possible move. Language Course’s are made to be taken one-on-one or in-class experience. It is never a smart idea to take a language course online especially if you already know that handy fact. I “knew” that handy fact but did I listen to myself… No, I thought,

Wow, no way! They have German. Oh, It’s online, aw but maybe if I wait it out they’ll have it on campus. Okay!

Like a very-very-very bad Virus-which we are learning in Biology- I can’t seem to beat around the idea that I need another student or person to help me complete the conversation dialogues in the textbook. And on top of that, no one at home wants to help me study the vocabulary. I have one person in mind, but she lives in die Schweiz (Switzerland) so I don’t know if I will ever catch her based on time difference. I NEED HELP!!!!

But! Out of all the hustle and bustle, I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to shout it out, so you know what I did? I told God to HEAR ME OUT! I wasn’t trying to aim my ‘broken-brain’ problems at Him, I just need some one to actually hear out my frustrations. And He did. I woke up this morning and on KSBJ, Bill and Copella in the morning show, mentioned something about Mandisa. I can’t explain it, you will just have to watch it.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “How can someone tell me how to be a Christian?” I also had that kind-of-a “What?” -in other words, duh!- moment. But my love for this honest, lovely, and amazing Sister In Christ told me that I knew what to expect from Mandisa. I know that she will never contradict God’s Word and try to twist it. She is honest and real about life and just watching this video made me realize I could do better as a Sister In Christ.

Mandisa- How To Become A Christian

Mandisa explains her journey toward becoming a Christian and explains how to accept Jesus into your life.

Now, wasn’t that video the encouragement exactly what you needed. I read Encouragement For Today by P31 Ladies and it was exactly what I yelled/cried out to God about last night. Exploding! Why get aggravated about things I cannot change? I can’t tell my Biology teacher to actually teach and stop reading the 200+ PowerPoint; slide for slide. I can’t go to the school and tell them to cancel this online German Course because common sense tells you no matter how technologically adaptable the world gets, you will always need one-on-one conversations to better yourself in another language. No, I can’t do any of these things, but I can give up my frustrations and try a different way of studying that helps me to learn better. Plus, prayer!

How To Become A Christian isn’t a manual speech. Nope, not at all. It’s a timeline of your life. When You can place those dots on your timeline and start picking out and remembering the events that changed and sculpted you, your journey of becoming a Christian represented in Galatians 5: 22-23, that is How ‘You, Me, We,’ Became ‘The’ Christians we are today and forever more.


You’re Sister In Christ,



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