The Beginning of School and Many Other Things

First off, Hallo, meine freunden(my friend).It has been a ‘nice’ long grueling week and I am glad it is a Friday… abend (evening). I still have a couple more hours before the day ends and I want to transform my mind as I come into the home stretch for the night.

Jesus, help me to find my balance in you. Set my ways straight and guide me through my days. I am coming in on this home stretch and I need some good energy juice to last me through this night. Help me to make it though this night. In Jesus Name, Amen.

So let’s start. It has been 2 weeks since school started and I have been trying to make my schedule and time management work together. Seems to be a bit difficult.Check out my schedule.


Now this isn’t a full count of my schedule.That HUMD class is a ‘hybrid’ class which means I have to turn in assignments online by Thursday night. This is pretty easy for me. I like the idea of having filled out my schedule myself. The enrollment process was easy and fair. They were really happy and ready to tackle the semester, which made me excited to start. I take German online. I also bought Hugo German in Three Months to help with my German class, since there is no one on one in an online class. Ich bin(I am) enjoying all my classes so far. I wish I could take German in a classroom setting, but the campus I’m attending didn’t offer it on campus this semester. Oh Well!

I made a somewhat-very distinct calendar:

I tried to map out the best I could- what my day looks like but this isn’t accurate, I plan on changing something’s around and making it ‘a little’ less crowded. Embarrassed smile


OBS is amazing.

It’s coming to an end next week and I’m going to miss it, but not to fear, A Confident Heart by Renee Swope OBS is coming up on October 9th and that is a ‘Yes’ bible study I plan on doing! If you wait until October maybe Christian books will bundle the book sooner, they usually do.

Little Description:

Step out of the shadows of self-doubt to live with a confident heart! Ever feel like you’re not good enough, smart enough, or valuable enough? Renee Swope understands. Even with a great family, a successful career, and a thriving ministry, she still struggled with self-doubt. Sharing her own personal story, Renee shows you how to rely on the power of God’s promises to find the security you need and the confidence you long for! Paperback.


I can’t wait for this OBS! I need a little encouragement and courage in my day. Lately I’ve been feeling so berated by the emotions around me from other people, I feel like a sponge, there emotions are attacking me and trying to use me as some type of sponge and settle in, but I refuse to let them and hold on to my peace and sanity.

Well Gute Nacht(good night).

B’Sweet-Stay Sweet,

Annie Red heart


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