Can’t you believe it? One year and I’m still typing. I can’t believe it. When I first started I though this was going to be one way to change my life around, but man oh man, I didn’t know I was going to #stickwithit! It feels amazing to know just from blogging, I’ve opened up to many new things and creatively started many projects- which I have yet to finish!- and crafts.


My first ever blog in the stark of the morning: New Beginnings! Then a small post of heroism during the 2012Olympics. My first ever creation made was my home made planner right before my trip to Conroe, Texas. One of my first treasures found was an old typewriter. Right after was my first ever Online Bible Study with Proverbs 31 Ministries.  Next I decided to do the funniest thing ever and open up an Female Power page (♥Everything Girly♥) later on to be revamp through the year. I started showing more different creations like sewing and drawings on shirts.  I began posting encouraging words-bible verses- K-Love would post daily. I also started something up a year before my blog and that would be later incorporated into my blog… drum roll please… COMMANDY COMICS! Sometime after, I began doing You Version Devotionals. Some time after that, I started reviewing movies, my first was the Expatriate. Randomly, I would post lyrics to amazing Christian Music that really had an impact on me. I turned 20 years old soon after and shared it with my blog friends. NaNoWriMo started Nov, 1. Greater Obs Started. I began finding amazing wallpapers that spoke of God’s love and truth and shared them on my blog. I started up 25 days of Christmas music to celebrate Jesus Christ Birthday .

1 Year Strong!

I took up reading again, and began doing reviews on books. For a good couple of months after, I did this continuously and it was amazing then I had to move, AGAIN! I decided to blog about my experience since I didn’t have anything else to do; this moving process took up to five months; my whole summer. I read more, to keep my self busy and was excited to get into watching more Korean Dramas. I got into Serious About God Devotional towards the end of the ‘moving’ process. After Five months, I finally had a room to myself; After those last set of three months I finally Got Internet back and could blog again! I began making some changes and started thinking about school, once more. Somewhere in all the mess of getting things together and after moving process, I reached 20+ WordPress followers and 100+ link clickers from Facebook and elsewhere. I got back on track of things and started up some new things while the end of summer was coming to a close: Working Out, Good foods, Setting Up Henry, and Fixing my Commandy Comics to Bitstrip Base Cartoon-they look cool-. I also started Yes To God Obs on August 4th, 2013; it comes to an end on the 14th of September. During all the OBS(Online Bible Studies) I participated in Blog Hop Thursday.


183 Posts and Counting, 106 Comments, 17 Pages, 363 Tags,14 Categories, & A new designed blog header every month!

I’ve had an amazing year and I commemorate the next ear to an amazing, eccentric, radical obedient life and blogging fun to Jesus Christ. I pray for many more people to stumble across my page and find the love and passion of someone who wants to share the word of God. I pray for those already reading and skimming this blog. I pray for the words I spew to be like the mighty wind of Jesus. It will leave people stunned and encouraged to participate in each post. I give the blog to God and hopefully he’ll use it to His advantage, In Jesus Name, Amen.

To another wonderful Year, Kampaii!

B’ Sweet-Stay Sweet,

Annie ♥


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