Yes To God Morning Prayer


Guten Tag,

The blog hop topics were all amazing, but I wanted to go a different route today. I can’t say there has not been any amazing stories of what God has done for me this week, because there  has. But I wanted to state something that is very important: Prayer!

Here is my morning #YesToGod prayer.

“Thank you God for waking me up this morning. Thank you for gradually taking me out of the places I felt so stuck in. Thank you for looking on me and seeing something amazing. Without I couldn’t be, wouldn’t be, who I am today. With you love I can accomplish anything. With your strength I can conquer anything. With you nothing is impossible and the world has to stand still at your name. You are the light in my lamp that never goes out, you are my fuel for that day. You are everything I ever hoped for and whatever it is you will have me do today, I will say Yes and hop to it. You are my front, my behind, and on both my sides, you never leave me nor forsake me and you always show me I’m loved each and every single day. Please protect me and my family, show us your grace and mercy this day, In Jesus Name, Amen.”


B’Sweet- Stay Sweet,

Annie ♥


6 thoughts on “Yes To God Morning Prayer

    • you’re welcome. though i should be saying thank you. p31 obs makes me feel apart of something great and without you guys’ help i wouldn’t have made it this far. 🙂


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