Hey Guys I have an awesome testimony for you.

This week had started off so badly. I feel like I went around with my head chopped off for the first three days. I finally was able to pull my self together on Thursday. This song says it all, my realization Thursday- Holding Nothing Back by Ryan Stevenson(reading this post and listening to the song actually makes good background music^_^) any who, I got on track and said I was going to take it one step at a time. No rushing it.

During the week I was getting antsy about my book advance being cleared in the bank and it was so nerve wringing. I had to wait a week since I opened a new account and had to wait five days for big checks to be cleared. Friday, It cleared and God told me to put away fifty in savings. Saying Yes To God, I did. I was told to buy my books; Saying Yes To God, I did. My sister needed something and so did I, I bought her those things and myself things. I was so shocked that I had so much money left over from my book shopping, about $115 (bargain shopping is a good thing~ check out SlugBooks).

There was another thing God was saying to me. My mommy is going to San-Antonio on Monday and I already gave her money for gas, but God was putting it on my heart to give more money.

#Say What?

I could have been like “Why should I give her more money, since she’s deciding to not drop me to school on the first day?” or ” Why should I? Didn’t I give her money already?”


I wasn’t stingy, it wasn’t my money to hold onto in the first place. God knew I had needs that needed to be met and things to be taken cared of. He met them right on time; not too late and not too early. I decided to Say Yes To God. The only thing was I would have to withdraw money and the bank isn’t close as in walking distance and I don’t want a charge fee for using another atm. “So what to do?” I was thinking. God had told me not to tell her. So I wasn’t! My lips are still sealed.

I was looking for envelopes in my stationary sets that are packed away to do the John 14:20 activity Melissa Taylor had showed us. I was searching in a buck when I saw all my old wallets. My monkey wallet popped up to me and I had a nostalgia moment. I haven’t used this black-monkey wallet since junior year in high school- 4 years ago, wow!- I felt a nudge to just go through it and in a flap was 10 dollars.

It was the same amount I was told to give my mom. How funny can God get? I love too much to stop saying yes. I want to see where this takes me. I want to go that extra mile with Jesus and let Him take me where ever it leads.

Thanks for reading ~OBS Blog Hop~Week 3.

B’Sweet-Stay Sweet,

Annie ♥


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