Simple, Simple, Simple

Hey Every-Girl,

Today I FINALLY bought a Simple Face Care Starter Kit, which is a 3 piece skin care set, that doesn’t include a toner or acne medication. This is highly recommended for people who just want to scrub off the sweat/dirt/oil of the “Texas” heat. Not just for Texas. Just using such lingo because everyone knows Texas heat… nothing compares.

I have been looking at this for a couple of years now and didn’t know the right time to get it. I hated the way how my face felt after a full nights sleep or after a full day under the sun and decided that I should try it out NOW! With school starting up I decided I didn’t want to sweat in school with out a reason so this was a good choice and it’s just to try it out for however long.

I wanted a simple clean and yet a simple moisturizer because all this time I was only using water and my body lotion, which I’ve heard it isn’t ‘right’ to use body lotion on the skin of my face. #Say What? But I can understand. My face always felt ‘cakey’ or oily after an hour since I’ve washed my face and applied lotion, so I decided to search Simple Skin Care and give it try.

Simple is what I was looking for and I hope I get it!

I’ve tried other products like Proactive, which I don’t really like, and the older Mary Kay Acne Fighters Set (orange Velocity Brand) but it dried my skin out and left a now -residing- rash on my chin. (I used cocoa butter to heal it.) I want something that is just going to scrub oil/grease/drool(I know some of you drool) off my face and a moisturizer that ‘moisturizes’ and does not ‘cake’ on like my body lotion.

I’ll give a review after a week or two so return to Everything Girly soon to read it.

B’Sweet- Stay Sweet,



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