#Say What?


So a #SayWhat? moment for me would be 2 weeks ago on that faithful Sunday. Yes To God OBS had started and I was so excited over the top because I had received the book to read for my old e-reader that I thought would never work again.

This Sunday we had a new family join us in our home-church. The mother has two girl who were 5’4 and 5’5 the youngest 10 he other 11. They were pretty tall girls for only a fifth grader and a fourth grader. Neither-less, God had vividly-boldly spoke to me to invite them to do the OBS.


Really, God? Really?! I have a hard time doing things like that. But I guess that’s God’s nature to give us things we find to ‘Be Beyond Us’. I answered saying “Okay God. I’ll see what my sister thinks later after service.” I said Okay, even though I was like, ‘Why should I do it?’ I still said yes because God wants total obedience. And I wanted to start saying Yes To God, because of the OBS we were starting. At the end of service before I could even mention anything my sister write to me on a piece of paper, “Do you think we should invite them to do OBS?”

I was completely shocked! God seemed to have me and my sister on track, like He has all his Children. I told her it would be a good idea. But the grace and hilariousness of God doesn’t end there. We were supposed to meet Friday to recap but they didn’t come. On the Next Sunday after church they weren’t able to read the book or come so we changed the date to Sunday evenings and God some how thought it would be nice to give me another outrageous- beyond me- request. How about you print the chapters for them?

#SayWhat? Hold on!, #SayWhat? Okay hold on to your pants- #SayWhat?

Like always I was going to ask my sister, but before I could get over there to her she had asked them if the would like to receive the printed chapter them selves. I had to turn away and laugh. God you are mightily hilarious! I love his way of making things weave together so we can see the big picture in the end.

God has a way of working things out for His children. Even when we see this particular ‘request’ as beyond us, He knows what he’s doing. When we make an effort to say Yes and mean it when God asks us to do something, we make a choice for God to request us for service of any kind-any time. I think God and I are going to have a fun time, now that I know what God’s voice sounds like to me and I can’t wait for more #SayWhat moments.

Nicki Koriarz puts it amazing on Wednesday’s blog entry:

B’Sweet-Stay Sweet,



4 thoughts on “#Say What?

  1. Annie, I love your enthusiasm. It just gushes out of the words that you write on this blog. How great is our God that he is working wonderful things with both your sister and yourself at the same time. I cannot wait to hear more of your #saywhat moments!!

    Blessings )i(


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