What in the world did I do?!

My Hamstring is killing me. Now Let me explain.

I woke up late. 7: 45 am. Pretty late for me. I usually get up around six sharp, but this particular day I didn’t. I had woken up at 3 in the morning

and could go back to sleep for a good hour. The repercussion would be: waking up later than my normal time. I jumped out of bed and got dressed in my workout attire and folded my blanket and made my bed. Went to the fridge got my water bottle, made back in to my room with 6 minutes to spare. Went to the bathroom and washed my face. Came back and it was 7:59!

Wow, time went by fast. I usually space things out and have tea twenty minutes before exercising, since me and my workout buddy (my sister) usually start at 8 am. But no! I came back and immediately started stretching, then I stopped! Big mistake.





Only 4 minutes into stretching, I get entrapped in sharing some information to my sister that probably could have waited. What a NUISANCE! I am now feeling the after effect of my nuisance. Not to mention, I waited a complete hour and thirty minutes while my sister worked out so I could Blog Hop, God please help me!

Commandy Comic #Hamsting Problems


Annie ♥



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