Monday Mysteries


Today was a good day for me. I saw God move and I am more than happy to tell what He has done for me.

Yesterday, August 11, I received a 4 pairs of jeans my 9 year old niece couldn’t fit into (She’s big and I’m pretty tiny or petite to say the least). I love them. I had asked God for money so I could buy some new clothes for school since I’ve been living in hand-me-downs for the last seven four years. It was a blessing to get new pants since I only had 2 jeans in my closet. (I actually don’t like jeans, but they come in handy on those winter days.)

Along with the pants I was granted left over Mary Kay Products, which I adore. Mary Kay @Play

Also, this morning, God impressed it on my heart that I should do praise and worship before starting OBS & Devotional. I did and when I was done singing. My step-dad knocked on my room door and told me I had uplifted his spirit today. Just hearing one of the songs I had sang made him happier. Only God can make my praise and worship touch someone else’s heart in the next room. God is good!


B’Sweet-Stay Sweet,

Annie ♥


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