Whatsoever He Saith Unto You, Do It

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I received this in my email today and I thought this fits right in with Yes To God OBS. Read on.

August 8
Sincerely Obedient

His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.

John 2:5

This one statement by the mother of Jesus ushered in the very first miracle of our Lord. I find it interesting that it came from the lips of a family member, someone who knew Jesus from birth. Mary was certain that Jesus was about to perform a miracle. This certainty expressed itself in a mandate to those around her. What faith! What obedience! What a miracle!

Thomas Brooks takes a look at this miracle and extracts the most important ingredient—sincere obedience.
A soul sincerely obedient will not pick and choose what commands to obey and what to reject, as hypocrites do. An obedient soul is like a crystal glass, with a light in the midst which shines forth through every part thereof. A man sincerely obedient lays such a charge upon his whole man, as Mary did upon the servants at the feast (John 2:5). Eyes, ears, hands, heart, lips, legs, body and soul. You need to seriously and affectionately observe whatever Jesus Christ says unto you and do it.

We must be ready, at all times, to obey and follow the Lord in everything He asks us to do. Could you imagine the forward strides Christianity could make if everyone who calls himself a Christian would obey the Lord with all their heart, soul and strength? On a more personal note, you will make a quantum leap forward when you follow Jesus with total abandonment. Don’t be concerned about His part, just follow Him in sincere obedience.

Ruth 1; Acts 26
Jeremiah 36; Psalms 9
Steve Hill Ministries | P.O. Box 612288, Dallas, TX 75261 | 817-849-8773


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