Yes To God OBS

Hey Everyone,

Yes To God OBS starts today. Head on over to Proverbs 31 to get the full low down on what we are doing during our first week. Lets get ready to say yes to god and don’t forget to have those #Palms Up!

Today is a brand new day and this month is a brand new month to get our heads back on track. Let’s take this first Sunday and make it a stamp for the new and a reminder that this month, this day, is a being to restart with even if you mess up continually, there is always the Grace of God right there telling you to lean on Him and to make your mark with Him.

He’s the only one who see’s what really is and has no hard time helping us make what’s wrong right! So let us not forget that’s how You forgive, God.

Thank You for joining this OBS. Let’s have fun and share what we are learning, what impacts us, and what makes up realize the turning point for our lives. Share you journey. If you don’t it wouldn’t be a life worth living; I suppose. A journey that has so much stories of faith and triumph, or up’s and downs. of God being the author of it all.

That’s a recap waiting to happen.


B’Sweet-Stay Sweet,

Annie ♥


2 thoughts on “Yes To God OBS

  1. Annie,
    I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU and let you know that I am honored that you are sharing Online Bible Studies with your friends and readers! Wow! This is awesome!

    I’m praying for you and I’m so excited about what God is doing in and through your life. You are an amazing young woman of God!

    Much Love to you my sister in Christ,
    Director of OBS, Proverbs 31 Ministries


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