The New and Improved Henry


Yesterday was a very momentous occasion. I re-potted a very dear friend of mine. Henry. He’s been in a big pot with old soil and he needed a change and I was actually able to implement. He need one for so long and it was an actual goal of mines to do with in the next year. So thankful to God I could get it done before all that time passed.


When my mom and sister left earlier in the day the saw it tipped over. We live in a ‘not-so-good’ area so it wasn’t hard to deduct that someone tipped over that heavy brown pot that Henry was in. So They decided to buy the potting mix and I got it done, alone with my sister. Henry now has a comfy seat by my bedroom window.

Henry wasn’t really my plant to begin with. My mom bought him along time ago and she would forget to take care of him. Well, one sunny weekend we left for vacation and completely forgot about him. When we came back mother said, “remind me to water him.” but as usually she forgot and he withered. So I decided to take him under my wing and he has grown marvelously. He gets an occasional trim and sits with the window open to get in some warm air, since my apartment is always cold. Don’t forget about being watered every 1 to 2 weeks or so. Creeper plants actually live longer when fed less, but don’t forget to feed them. It can sometimes slip my mind.

The way How I nurture this plant makes me think of how God takes care of me and How he will never forget to water me and give me any kind of supplement. Thank You God For Being So Caring.

B’Sweet-Stay Sweet,

Annie ♥


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