Into Exodus

Good Morning,

Since the beginning of July I’ve started a bible study that is supposed to take me year round with the Spiritual Warfare Bible published by Charisma House which you can find at CBD.COM or Walmart.COM. It’s more than just spiritual warfare. This devotional Bible teaches you how to get a firm grip on your life and how to keep it from falling into the hands of the enemy and today I want to share with you something that has impacted me on one of the days through this week.

Preparing for Spiritual Warfare: Article

Plugging Into The Power Source

  • Prayer plugs us into the power source.
  • Go gives grace to the humble.
  • The Lord’s presence was David’s joy.
  • There are many great warriors being trained in the school of the Holy Spirit… They learned through experience and sometimes through failure.
  • Christianity is called the great confession.
  • We bind what is already bond in the heavens. We loose what is already loosed in the heavens.
  • The Word of God is a treasure chest of wisdom and knowledge.
  • Every believer who desires to enjoy liberty and victory must take time to study the Word of God and ask for revelation.
  • God has promised to make us joyful in the house of prayer (Isaiah 56:7).
  • Those who enjoy the results of prayer will enjoy an exciting life.

These are the notes that I highlighted in my SWFB this little article section was from pages 1-4 of Prayers That Rout Demons by John Eckhardt.

This bible has been a whirlwind effect on me. I feel like this change is the best start I could ever choose for myself. Thank God. When we can sit down with God for a few minutes or hours every single morning and start our day off with searching through God’s word and building out faith, we will begin to see the progress we’ve made and it won’t be a regret.

B’ Sweet – Stay Sweet,

Annie ♥


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