{MY} Young Adult Life

Around this time of the year things start to change. The planning for school begins. I, for one, don’t know where to start. This whole college escapade is like a whirlwind mess. With all the visiting and going in and out of the Student Conference Center (at the school I choose to go to), having to take placement testing, having to see an adviser more than once, not to mention the signing of an affidavit, plus orientation AND transcripts being sent! It’s like I have no room to think about anything else and yet I wake up every single ‘early’ morning and break out my bible for a much needed reminder about what life really is.

I manage every morning to read a handful of chapters for my bible study and write down in note from all that I have went over and during these times I have a phenomenal moment with God. Something sets me back into relaxing. I get a certain feeling that prevents me from thinking about anything else except for the fact that God has opened so many doors for me and has cleared the rubble from my path. It feels good I tell ya! To wake up every single morning and to have your mind immediately go on God and his amazing care taking skills. And don’t think I don’t remember Him through out the day and just before bed time. He’s always on my mind, in fact, I feel kind-a love sick ♥.

It’s actually odd, because I’ve never been in love with anyone before, but yet, I know and I understand this feeling of always wanting God to be there for me and with me. To have Him every time I turn around, every time i wake up to a brand new day, and every time I loose my way. It’s no longer a want, but a need. I need Jesus in my life. I just do. There is no way to simplify it and there is no way to give an explanation. I can only tell you to give Jesus a chance to touch your heart and to refresh your life. This feeling of always wanting to be near the Spirit of God, is no spell I’m under, but it’s the connection that I gave a chance a long time of ago manifesting into something more beautiful.

When you get to that point in life and you start to wonder what life really could be like, or when you feel as if there is something missing, I’m gonna bet you forgot the main ingredient and that’s Jesus. All you need to do is call his name and begin to talk to him. He’s always been there and will never leave. If you choose to ignore him you can’t complain that He’s never been there, you’ve just never decided to talk to him and that’s not fair, because when no one would ever give you that one chance you deserve, God Will!


B’ Sweet – Stay Sweet,

Annie ♥


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