Serious About God::: Devotional

Day 8: Find A Local Church

You need to find a strong, Bible-believing, Bible-preaching church to become a part of. Sitting at home and watching a preacher on TV just isn’t the same. The true Church is global; it is made up of those from all over the world who have received eternal life through Christ Jesus. Locally, you have little representatives of that global church.

Jesus desired for His Body (His Church) to be in fellowship. You may find people there who don’t look the way you think they should or act the way you think they should, but remember: they are all part of the body of Christ. Keep in mind that everyone is under ‘spiritual construction.’ God will finish what He starts (see Philippians 1:6).

There is no ‘perfect’ church because the church is made up of humans. It won’t be perfect before you get there…or after you get there. What you should find—and give—is love.

> Read Matthew 6: The Sermon on the Mount


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B Sweet~Stay Sweet,

Annie ♥


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