Day 38: School Decisions


So I have a very, very, simantikó (important) decision to make. Majors! Why is it there are so many decisions to make and they don’t really help, at all! Why would any one get a BA in anything unless they enjoy what they are learning! I have had a very long time to decide and I am starting to make some progress now. Hoping God helps me too! I’ve had my eye on an International Business Degree “Opening to a world of business opportunity”. I think this is a great choice and option to have but, I don’t know what is in this field at all.

This is where my research starts. Uh, the long researching journey. It is much easier to put my Sims through college, than myself.

God please guide me every step of the way.

 The Global World of Business

In this rapidly changing global economy, employers seek graduates who possess business skills and who are specifically trained for the international business environment.  The BBA in International Business at HBU provides students with a solid foundation in business with courses in management, marketing, accounting, finance, and information systems.  In addition, students learn the international cultural environment through the study of history, geography, government, religion, language and communication.  Finally, students participate in the international study abroad program to gain a first-hand understanding of international business practices.  You can further your advantage in the job market by participating in an internship with an international company here or overseas.

More colleges and universities are providing or requiring international study abroad programs of their business major students.  Mark Shay of the National Association of Colleges and Employers reports that employers seek applicants able to demonstrate cross-cultural experience, independence, and highly developed social skills.  Pennsylvania State University reports that twenty-five percent of employers seek to hire graduating students with some international exposure.

Houston, the fourth largest city in the country, is also a hub for international business.  The city is home to more corporate headquarters than any other city in the country, except for New York City, and also boasts one of the largest port facilities in the country.  With a highly educated and diverse population, Houston is a great center for international business and Houston Baptist University is a great place to study international business.

In addition to the university general education requirements, your study abroad trip is required as part of your major and is taken

during the junior or senior year.  Cost for the trip may be covered under financial aid.  Students can also gain a competitive edge in the

 job market by participating in our internship program.

Students must work with the International Business adviser to ensure that all prerequisites and requirements are met.  In addition, the adviser will assist the student in selecting other electives that best meet the needs of the student.

Students interested in focusing their study on a particular region of the world (for example, Latin America) should work closely with their adviser so that the student fulfills the language requirement and selects history, literature, and other courses that complement their chosen region of international business activity.

Internship Opportunities

Academically qualified students in the latter part of their major have the opportunity to participate in the internship program.  This allows students to learn by doing and put into practice
Employers consistently report that student participation in internships provides a competitive edge when seeking employment. Positive student feedback on internships supports our own assessment that this work experience is enriching.

Highly-Trained and Educated Faculty Members

Faculty members at Houston Baptist University are committed to teaching as their first priority and are highly qualified in their respective fields. All have practical experience as well. In addition to teaching, many members of the faculty are also involved in a variety of scholarly activities; conducting research and publishing in professional journals.

Diverse backgrounds of faculty members further enrich both their teaching and the learning experiences of students. This diversity is reflected in the faculty’s academic backgrounds (ranging from economics to engineering to linguistics, with many holding multiple advanced degrees or professional qualifications) and their heritages, making ours a truly multinational department. This diversity is still bound by the commonality of Christian values. In today’s global economy with diverse organizational work forces, this type of exposure helps to give our students an added edge.


So as you see, I have a lot of researching to do and Can’t wait to get underway. I am back into the grove of blogging and can’t wait to pull more flops of posts out my ear.

Kalinýchta kai o Theós evlogeí,
(Good Night and God Bless)

Annie ♥


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