Day 26: Finally Back and SMASHING!


I took a four day trip to the place where I’ll be moving to in order to find  place and lucky us; my four people family and I, have found a place. We are pretty hearty about this, but at the same time we don’t want to leave the people we know and love here in Austin. Now About SMASHING! I found this out last week during vacation (I guess I should call it that.) and I love it. It is a Smash book by Me and my sister bought ours at Joann Fabric and Craft Store. My sister got the red one: ‘Doodle’, for 40% off at another register and mines was full price, a black: ‘Mod’ design.

The Smash* books are amazing. I recommend for people who like taking pictures of drawing; whether sketching or hard lines and even painting. It is a lot of fun and takes up spare time. Also, I haven’t read any books since finished one a week ago and I will start up by finishing my Book Sneeze Review for a book I have put off for a month now. (I know, I am such a procrastinator).

Well Goodnight,

Annie ♥


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