The Rakes Redemption by Regina Scott

The Everard Legacy book 3: The Rakes Redemption by Regina Scott was, by far, the most action packed book of the series. The book in general told a tale of romance; the funniest out of the rest and most drawing when it comes to emotion of faith and family.

The Everard’s are closing in on their suspect and all the clues are finally make a complete circle, the only thing is Vaughn has a looker in tow. Imogene Devary, The Marquess of Widmore’s only surviving daughter. With Imogene in tow to claim the innocence of her father, Vaughn has no choice but to tag her along even though he’s wrestling with himself about that right’s of a gentle man or the callousness of a rake. Imogene and Vaughn fall in love with each other, which is a given, but the many trials and second guesses take them on a whirlwind. Not to mention Her fathers fate if she can’t prove his innocence.

Book three was amazing. Getting a view through Vaughn’s eye’s was a masterful setting. Something to behold. His tryst with finding his faith was well written as well, something about a rake finding his way makes this book a great addition. The climax was most evidently place in this book and with the next  book in my gasped I plan to find out how The Everard’s tale ends.



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