Day 17: Days of Fun


I had fun the last couple of days. I went to Austin Parks and Pizza on Thursday  The Mainevent on Friday, and today we are going to a carnival in town. Can’t wait to tell you more.


Okay here is the more…

day 1: Went to Austin Park & Pizzas had fun and finally claimed the champ position of Air Hokey! Woo!

day 2: Went to The Main-Event had an even better time and my second sister came this time. We did bowling (quite boring with seven people), arcade games, rock climbing (I reached the top four times.) Last but not least, Laser Tag. We were on the blue team and won. My score was over 75 k.

day 3: Went to a Carnival. I was amazing! A great way to end the last day. I went on the tower, that brought you high into the sky and dropped quickly. Went on Pharaohs Fury-a pirate ship (twice). Went on Moby Dick twice, was nice; not as exhilarating as the first two. Then I went on Twirl-A-Whirl, went on twice but the second time the cart didn’t spin around as fast as it should. I wold have liked to go on the Tower again and Pharaohs Fury, but it was too late. We did do a few games: Ladder climb (I managed to bruise my ankle on.), water gun, ball throwing (the guy didn’t tell us we needed to get two out of one, so that sucked.)

All in all, I had fun and I wish to go to the carnival again.




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