Day 15: Glitchy

My computer has a few problems and let me tell ya it ain’t the internet. 😉
Nosiree it ain’t.
Actually  it’s the power cord and the battery not to mention the computer itself.
First, the computers  battery died from watching movies on my computer from the internet: it just overheated then died.
Second, eve since then my computer has had a glitch chrome. It isn’t  too bad, but lately it has been shutting down chrome for no reason.
Three, two weeks ago, when I was in the process of closing all my boxes I placed my laptop doin on top of a noxious and turned away. Then WHAM! It dropped on the side where the external battery goes in and dented it! Now I have to find a good place where the battery light will show up.
Besides all of that, I’ve managed to drop it a few times before causing the cd player to stick out slightly and a couple of cracks on the corners and the mouse button on mouse pad is stuck underneath the rickety click button.
Now lets talk about something exciting.

I went to Austin Parks and pizza and had fun.

I also learned about patience yesterday and today well let’s just say I am going to readore into blessings.



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