Day 14: My ‘Aaha!” Moment


Today has been exhausting if not quite indecisive  for me. I’m told I am always indecisive and I can’t make up my mind. Well, today I come to throw that bad stereotype back into the lake of burning fire where it will disintegrate and never come back to haunt me, in the name of Jesus, Amen. I will not be held accountable for accepting such things and I will not let it ruin God’s better judgement for my life.

Among most of what I learned today was giving God my complete and total heart and relying on Him and His confidence. I fell good, making progress in my devotional: She Reads Truth Day 8/18 Songs of Ascent. I am doing well and reading my word daily ad multiple times a day so I can understand and remember the wisdom drawn it. God showing just what I need.

I want to be able to put my whole hope, faith, and understanding in Jesus’ hands to let him lead me full heartedly. I am close to this point and I don’t want anything to take me astray from it. A goal of a lifetime and my hope is forever in the Lord.

In the name of Jesus I pray Amen,

Annie ♥


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