Day 13: I’m Sorry & Sleepy Eyes


Hello, makes greetings sound more solemn. Any who, I’m very sorry I didn’t put up day 13 last night. I’m really apologizing to myself, seeming as I remembered when I was really tired and about to go to sleep. So today on day 14 I’m writing day 13… Yes, I am.

I’m slowly making my way through book 3 of The Everard Legacy.

My family and I are one step closer to moving.

I am one step closer to God and couldn’t be any more happier.

My sister got a new book yesterday: A Nanny For The Cowboy by Roxann Delaney , I can’t wait to read it.

I also, went running around the neighborhood on day 12 and went to the gym yesterday on day 13. I had fun; felt my muscles engaging.

That was my day, except for last night where I had this audible urge to cry. I don’t know why though. It could have been that I was tired and couldn’t go to sleep for three hours because no one wanted to turn off the light of the television. That said, I didn’t hold it in all the way. Not to mention, I miss my nephew Charlie. I miss the rest of them, but Charlie and I had a different relationship, he loved to rough house and so did I. The sad part is his mom doesn’t want to come to church so I don’t get to see him often. But I bet once I see him, I’m probably going to ‘want’ to send him back home.


That’s All Folk’s,

Annie  ♥


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