Day 12: Understanding & Unwanted Feelings


Today was normal. As in what I usually goes on at least 4 days of 7 out of the week. We went to take pictures of houses. A side job my mom is doing before we leave Austin. Today was good. I finally found the understanding of leaving behind the past and old distinctive behaviors that grouped me as a troubled person more or less. Telling Satan and demon powers where to go, pits of hell, bound hand-feet-and-mouth, pleading the blood of Jesus over my life and asking God for forgiveness.

The unwanted feelings would be that now it’s been about two turning three weeks that I’ve been in this place and I feel like prison or a very strict confinement dormitory. I hope this feeling goes away and I can finally feel a bit light-hearted and more focused, but maybe God wants me to use this situation as an opportunity for growth in Him. If I change my perspective to seeing Jesus through this trial then maybe, just maybe, I can make headway, good progress too.


Annie ♥


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