Day 11: New Things Brimming with Inspiration


I feel good, and now I have good news. First off:

Charisma Media / 2012 / Hardcover

1. I checked out book number 3 of The Everard Legacy~ The Rakes Redemption by Regina Scott. It took me high and low and a few discrepancies just to find it, but I managed to check it out at my public library.

2. I had a short sermon today and it was good.

I haven’t really done anything of great notice today, but being in the House of The Lord was amazing and that feeling can’t compare to anything I’ve experienced so far. Better yet, I feel inspired to dive and swim through my new bible. This feeling is so palpable, I can put my hand right on the feeling and just absorb the fascination I have for reading the word, and it’s started today during service. I had this feeling to submerge into The Word, to get closer with God. I love that feeling. The feeling of my relationship with Jesus growing; bigger and bigger, till my heart is so full and my cup runs over.

All in all, I hope you follow up with this blog and keep track with it so when the review comes out for The Rakes Redemption, you won’t miss it. That and the amazing things God has done for me.


Annie ♥


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