The Captain’s Courtship by Regina Scott

Book 2 of The Everard Legacy~ The Captains Courtship by Regina Scott was a great drawing read. It hooks the reader to the mystery that is going on in the background, the reason why Arthur Everard was killed and by whom, yet the story in the forefront shows the slow but steady climax of the former lovers. The Captain’s Courtship was a nice addition to the first.

Captain Richard Everard has to enlist help from an old courtship and one of London’s famed notable, at least in the open in front of the ton. Claire Winthrop. Claire accepts Richards approval on a list of terms and conditions. As the story continues both former lovers and confronted by their feelings and faith in God about the past and how to avoid, though they later learn God’s will for them was not to go there separate ways. Behind the scenes Claire is getting Lady Everard, Samantha, ready for her debut and to meet the queen her father’s mysterious death is closing in. Someone is setting up threats and attempting to kill her family, not to mention she’s feeling jittery about her Season.

This second book has a great deal of inspiration etched in. Seemingly Claire goes through a lifetime of turmoil with her first husband that has completely turned her away from ever marrying again. The same goes for Richard, but his life on sea has taught him how much God was really there for him and how close He is.

The book ends well and I can’t wait to read the third book~ Vaughn’s Vengeance. I have already bought the fourth book and I am ready to dive head first.

Annie ♥


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